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Kit EB-09 Grumman Wildcat is a 1/23 scale flying model that uses the Precision Beam method of construction. Includes markings and a vacuum molded canopy. The Wildcat was the primary US Navy and Marine fighter plane of WWII.

This free flight rubber powered kit contains a full-size rolled plan, building and flying instructions, printed balsa wood, hand-picked balsa strip wood, rubber motor, E-B propeller, EBM thrust bearing, vacuum molded canopy, wheels, wire, Easy Built Lite tissue in medium navy blue and light sky blue, and TissueCal™ markings. You will need a building board, hobby knife, fine sandpaper, and glue.
EB-09 Grumman Wildcat
Wingspan: 20"

Class: 1/23 Scale flyer
Building Skill / Flying Skill: Easy / Experienced
Price: $18.50

Extra vacuum-molded canopy. Price: $4.26

TissueCal markings for kit EB09 Grumman Wildcat Extra TissueCal™ markings.
Price: $3.46

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EB-09 Grumman Wildcat EB-09 Grumman Wildcat
EB-09 Grumman Wildcat EB-09 Grumman Wildcat 

Balsa Model Airplane Kit, Balsa flies better.

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