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Kit EB-05 Mitsubishi Zero is a 1/23 scale flying model that uses the Precision Beam method of construction.

Code named "Zeke" by the Allies. This Japanese fighter took part in almost every major battle engaged by the Japanese Navy.

This free flight rubber powered kit contains a full-size rolled plan, building and flying instructions, hand-picked printed balsa and balsa strip wood, rubber motor, E-B propeller, EBM thrust bearing, vacuum-formed canopy and cowl, LaserCal™ markings (precut from Easy Built Lite tissue using our laser), wheels, wire, and Easy Built Lite tissue in white. You will need a building board, hobby knife, fine sandpaper, and glue.
EB-05 Mitsubishi Zero
Wingspan: 20"

Class: 1/23 Scale flyer
Building Skill / Flying Skill: Easy / Easy
Price: $18.50

Extra vacuum-molded canopy and cowl. Price: $3.95

LaserCal markings for kit EB05 Mitsubishi Zero Extra LaserCal™ markings. Markings cut from red tissue. Price: $4.50

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EB-05 Mitsubishi Zero

Balsa Model Airplane Kit, Balsa flies better.

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